Live Here

“Living” and “Thriving” go hand-in-hand at Rainbow Acres.

Living here means receiving individualized, holistic care that addresses our resident Ranchers’ fundamental needs: a safe and welcoming home, comprehensive healthcare, and a path for emotional & spiritual well-being. We work with each Rancher and their family to learn their needs and develop a living & health plan that best fits their preferences. A safe, supportive environment, combined with loving, holistic care, provides a healthy foundation for every Rancher, so that they may live as part of this community they call home.

High-quality housing for adults with developmental disabilities at Rainbow Acres in Arizona


Medical staff helps ensure health and wellness

Health and Wellness

Benefits of spiritual life for adults with developmental disabilities

Spiritual Life


Welcome to Rainbow Acres! We currently have openings for men and women, and we’d love to connect with you. Click here to learn about our admissions process and contact us today.

Life on the Ranch

From breakfast and morning activities, to lunch with friends and an afternoon hike or music class, a Rancher’s days at Rainbow Acres provide variety and opportunities for fellowship and growth.